If you are seeing this page, congratulations! Your server is set up correctly.
Please go through Part 1 & 2 to get everything else running smoothly.

Visit S3zipper to get a managed version or get more information:

Visit S3zipper for more information.
You can also sign up for service if you need a managed version of this server.

To check errors and logs:

To see any log errors, check below:

Ubuntu logs
 tail /home/ubuntu/go/src/logs/log.txt 
Debian logs
 tail /home/admin/go/src/logs/log.txt 


All settings in the server can be accessed and edited from one config.toml file.

Step 1 (For Ubuntu & Debian Servers)

Path for Ubuntu
Path for Debian
Change Directory Ubuntu
cd /home/ubuntu/go/src
Change Directory Debian
cd /home/admin/go/src
Edit config.toml
 nano config.toml

Step 2 (Email Notification Setup)

To get email notifications, please provide email configuration settings in config.toml.

*Leave email field empty if you do not need notifications.
*You must provide correct email configurations to be able to use email, or else, an error will be triggered if you provide email with wrong configurations.

PART 2 (API & Usage)

For API documentation and usage:
Visit EC2(AMI) API documentation

Available language examples in postman:
cURL, jQuery, Ruby, Python Requests, Node, PHP, & Go(Golang).